Water Softener Salt Usage Guide

Explore our handy guide so you can be sure you're buying the right amount of salt to keep your softener running 24/7, 365 days a year.

Water Softener Salt Usage Guide

Water Softener Salt Usage Guide

Not sure how much salt you require for your water softening needs? Looking to ensure you have a suitable supply of salt for you and your family to prevent running out at an inopportune time? We're here to help you understand how much Mini Curve, Block and Tablet Salt you should be expecting to use on average.

Every household is different and there are many factors and variables at play that suggest how much salt your water softener may use. However, based on an average UK household of 2.4 people using an average amount of water per month, we have created the following estimated usage chart to keep you informed of how much salt you may require. 

A rough guideline is usually as follows:


Water Softener Salt Usage Guide

Estimated Salt Usage*
Mini Curve - Single Pack (2 Blocks) 15 Days
Block Salt - Single Pack (2 Blocks) 25 Days
Tablet Salt - Single Bag (10kg) 1 Month

*Based on an average UK household of 2.4 people using an average amount of water in a moderately hard water area. Find our your water hardness here with our water hardness checker.


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Unsure of what salt is right for your softener?

Don't worry, we're here to help! Take a look at our Water Softener Salt Compatibility Chart to see what salt is suitable for your water softener. 


Some salt products are model-specific and may not fit your softener. You can call us to confirm your softener model using the number above or click here to use our handy compatibility chart.

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