Water Softener Salt Compatibility

We know how daunting finding the right salt for your Water Softener can be. So explore our handy guide and chart so you can feel confident that you're buying the right softener salt for your needs.

Water Softener Salt Compatibility

Water Softener Salt Compatibility

With our huge selection of Water Softener Salts, there's something to suit every household, no matter what type of Water Softener you own! But with so many options of salt to choose from, finding the perfect match can be a little overwhelming. That's why we're here to help you understand what salt is right for you.

We've created the perfect compatibility chart covering all leading Water Softener models, to help you understand which salt works best with your water softener (although we've attempted to curate an exhaustive list, we would recommend checking with your user guide/manufacturer for true compatibility). 

Water Softener Salt Compatibility Chart

  Mini Curve Block Salt Granular Salt Tablet Salt
Harvey HVX
Harvey HV3
Harvey HV4
Harvey Big Blue
Minimax Innova
Minimax M3
Minimax Major
Minimax Big Blue
TwinTec Cobalt
TwinTec S4
TwinTec S3
TwinTec XL2
TwinTec XL1
TwinTec XXL Big Blue
Gemini V5
Gemini V4
Gemini XL
DualFlo (3/4") Block Salt Softener
DualFlo (3/4”) Tablet Salt Softener
DualFlo Aquamax (1”) Tablet Salt Softener
DualFlo Aquamax (1”) Block Salt Softener
DualFlo Big Blue
Crown Block Salt Softener
Kinetico Premier Compact
Kinetico Premier Maxi
Kinetico Sumo
Kinetico Aqua-Blu Water Softener
Monarch Prosoft 160XE
Monarch Prosoft 120XE
Monarch Mini Aqua HE
Monarch Midi HE
Monarch Master HE
Monarch Matrix HE
Monarch Ultra HE
Monarch Premio HE
Monarch Plumbsoft SE-11
Monarch Plumbsoft SE-14
Monarch Plumbsoft SE-23
Monarch Plumbsoft SE-30
Monarch SOF3000 HE
Monarch GS4000 HE
Monarch GS6000 HE
BWT Perla
BWT Perla Silk S
BWT Perla Silk M
BWT Perla Silk L
BWT Perla Silk XL
BWT Perla Silk WiFi S
BWT Perla Silk WiFi M
BWT Perla Silk WiFi L
BWT Perla Silk WiFi XL
BWT WS 255
BWT WS 355
BWT WS 455
BWT WS 555
BWT WS 655
BWT WS 755
Scalemaster SL150 Mini
Scalemaster SL150 Standard
Scalemaster SL150 Hi-Flow
Scalemaster SL450
Scalemaster SL Twin E
EWT Gold Series 606 Water Softener
EWT Gold Series 612 Water Softener
Water2Buy Model Z W2BMZ
Water2Buy Model Z W2BMZ
Water2Buy Model Z W2BMZ
Water2Buy Model Y W2BMY
Water2Buy Model X W2BMX
Water2Buy W2B200
Water2Buy W2B500
Water2Buy W2B800
Water2Buy W2B180
Water2Buy W2B780
Water2Buy W2B900

Although we've tried to provide you with the ultimate guide of which salt is compatible with your Water Softener, we recommend consulting your user guide for confirmation. 

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Purchased the wrong salt?

Don't worry, we're here to help! Simply follow our returns policy, and we will guide you towards the correct salt for your water softener. 


Some salt products are model-specific and may not fit your softener. You can call us to confirm your softener model using the number above or click here to use our handy compatibility chart.

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