Choose Your Water Softener

Don't let choosing a Water Softener be daunting. Here at Harvey Water Softeners we can help you choose the right softener for you and your family providing you with premium soft water, 24 hours a day!

Choose Your Water Softener

Choose Your Water Softener

So, you know you're suffering from the effects of hard water, but how can you be sure you're buying the right softener, for the needs of you and your family?

Choosing a water softener can be confusing, and even a little daunting. How do you know you're choosing the right one for your property or business? Will it impact flow rates, or can you still drink from a hard water tap?

As the UK's Number 1 water softener manufacturer, we thought we'd help make buying a water softener easier with our helpful, personalised tool below.


Simply answer the following questions:

1. Select Your Property Type

Choose whether you're looking to buy a softener for a residential (home) or commercial (business) property. This will affect what softener is suitable for your property.

     What Type of Property Do You Have? Residential or Commercial

    2. Is Your Property a New Build?

    There is some debate about what constitutes a new build property, but if your property was built within the last 2 years or has never left the ownership of the developer and was ‘registered’ in the past two years, this would be a New Build.

    New Build. Is the property a new build? Yes or No?

    3. How Many People Live in your Household / Employees work in your building?

    Simply slide the toggle to select the amount of people that are regularly in the property.

      People in Household. How many people live in the household?

      Employees. How many people work in the building?

      4. Do you own the Property?

      A really important question, especially if you're a tenant as we can fit softeners to properties that are 'rented out' so long as we have the landlord's or Letting Agent's permission in writing.

      Property Owner. Do you own the property?

      5. Has the landlord granted your permission?

      If you answered 'no' to the previous question, we do request that the Landlord or Letting Agent has provided full consent for the installation of a Water Softener. 

      Permission. Has the Landlord granted you permission?

      7. How many bathrooms are on the property?

      Let us know how many bathrooms are on the property, you should include separate toilets or shower rooms as bathrooms in your calculation.

      Bathrooms. How many bathrooms are on the property? 1-2, 3-4 or 5+?

      8. How many storeys does the property have?

      This will help us to determine which softener is required based on the flow rate needed for your property, simply tell us how many storeys/floors your property has.

      Property Storeys. How many storeys does the property have? 1-2 or 3+?

      9. Does the property have a bathroom/en-suite on the third floor?

      If you answered the previous question with 3 or more, it's also really important that we know if there is water supplying a bathroom on any higher floors.

      Third Floor Bathroom. Does the property have a bathroom / en-suite on the third floor? Yes or No?

      10. Does the property have an indirect or direct water system?

      This can be a tricky one, so let's break this down. Direct and Indirect plumbing systems are how cold water is passed through the pipework in and throughout your home. 

      Typically, in an indirect system, the main water supply will enter your property and then flow through, supplying water to the cold kitchen tap. This water will then pass up through the property into the loft / attic to feed a cold water storage cistern. This cold cistern in turn then supplies cold water to everywhere else in within the property, such as cold bathroom taps and the hot water cylinder.

      In a direct system, all the cold tap water supply is drawn by the mains. This means that the cold-water storage cistern provides water for only your hot water cylinder within the property. In some cases, you may even find that there may not even be a storage cistern if the property has a combi-boiler, or an unvented hot water cylinder installed (as you will find that both appliances are fed directly from the mains water supply). Need to know more? You can read more here or contact our team directly.

      Property Water System. Does the property have an indirect or direct water system? Direct, Indirect or Don't Know?


        Now you have all the information you need, give our tool below a go and see which Softener could be providing you with non-stop softened water in your future. 

        Did you know? We're the only UK Water Softener Company that fits a hard water drinking line as standard in all of our installs. Ensuring you get soft water throughout your home, but leaving you the choice to drink hard water or use it for your garden.

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        We know that choosing a Water Softener isn't always easy. Whether you're looking for soft water for your home or business; our expert team are here to help you find the right option for you.

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