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Save Time, Save Money You can now order your favourite Water Softener Salt lines in bigger quantities so you can have a full stock of softener salt to ensure you have soft water, 24/7, 365 days a year - and, even better, delivery is free. Looking to order larger quantities of Water Softener salt? You can now order single or multiple pallets of your required salt from our dedicated team and save when you order in bulk. Simply click Contact us or visit our Bulk Salt Ordering page and our team will contact you to confirm pricing based on your requirements.

Bulk-Buy Block, Mini Curve, Granular or Tablet Water Softener Salt

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Block Salt - 60 Packs
Block Salt - 60 Packs


Some salt products are model-specific and may not fit or be suitable for your softener. You can call us to confirm your softener model or click here to find out what salt your machine needs.

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