The HarveyArc Water Softener

All Shapes, All Sizes

Get the right salt for your softener only at Harvey Water Softeners. From Mini Curve to Block, Tablet to Granular - get it today with Free Delivery!

Screw-In (left) and Twistlock (right) fitment options

Enjoy filtered water

Time to replace your water filter cartridge?

Avoid any return to unfiltered water with our Screw-In or Twistlock replacement filter cartridges, designed to keep your great-tasting, filtered water flowing.

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Refilling a water softener with salt blocks

Harvey Water Softener Salt

A Harvey Water Softener keeps working year after year, the only thing you’ll ever need to do is add salt.

Harvey invented water softener block salt in the 1980s and have been sourcing high quality water softener salt from trusted, high quality European suppliers for over forty years.

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What salt is right for me?

Some salt products are model-specific and may not fit your softener.

You can call us to confirm your softener model using the number above or click here to use our handy compatibility chart.

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