Granular Salt 6x10Kg Bag

Price: £42.00


Each pack contains 10kg of fine granular salt which is crushed and sieved to optimum size of grains between 2-6mm salt. Best for use in single tank domestic and industrial water softening equipment, dish washers and swimming pool filtration systems. Your order includes 6 packs of 10kg granular salt, packed in cartons and delivery to your door. 


As the UK's No.1 water softener manufacturer, we only source salt from trusted suppliers to ensure the best quality product which is why hundreds of thousands of customers across the UK buy from Harvey, the market leader.


Our granular salt is crushed and sieved to grains of between 2-6mm which is optimum for performance. Salt purity and quality is in line with British Standards (compliant with BS EN973) to ensure it is safe for use with  your softening equipment. It is suitable for all single tank domestic, industrial softeners as well as dishwashers and swimming pool filtration systems.


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