Mini Curve Salt 10 Packs

Price: £34.86

Each pack contains 2 blocks of salt - each Mini Curve Salt Block weighs 2.15kg. The Mini Curve Salt Blocks are easy to store, carry and load. One person will use 2 of the Mini Curve Salt Blocks per month on average, although this will vary depending on water usage.  Delivery to your door is included. The Mini Curve Salt Block is only suitable for the HarveyArc, Cobalt and Innova models.
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We invented block salt in the 80’s to make it easier to top-up your softener. As market leaders in water softeners, we only source salt from quality, trusted suppliers. Thousands of UK customers buy from us, the market leader, every day.
Our curved salt is Grade A/food quality salt. At more than 99.9% purity, it exceeds British and other relevant standards - BS EN9731 - with no anti-caking agents or nasties that could damage your softener.