How do I connect my water softener to my WiFi?

Before you connect your water softener to WiFi, you’ll need to have downloaded the myHarvey app and created an account using your email and password to register. See Chapter 2 in the i-Lid User Manual.


Once logged in to the myHarvey app you’ll need to do complete Option 1 or 2 as follows:-

Option 1 – where your water softener and i-Lid are being installed at the same time.

· Scan the QR code located on the label under the i-Lid or manually insert the DSN and SSN number (note: this will be done by your installer unless you are fitting yourself).

· These DSN and SSN numbers can be found on the underside of the i-Lid.

Option 2 – where you already have a water softener installed and are simply upgrading your existing lid for the new i-Lid.

· Scan the QR code located under the i-Lid. Alternatively manually enter the DSN and SSN numbers located on the water softener.

For both options

· When prompted by the myHarvey app, turn the i-Lid on by pressing the button once on the top of the i-Lid.

· Wait for the blue light to start flashing – this pairs your myHarvey app with your water softener.

· If the unit doesn’t appear to be live, make sure the batteries have been activated by removing the plastic tab.

· Have your WiFi router password ready.

· When the myHarvey app has found the i-Lid, press ‘join’.

· Select your network and enter your WiFi password to complete the connection.

· Your myHarvey app has been successfully connected when you hear a beep and the blue light on the i-Lid is no longer flashing.